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WARNING and RULES / Visit Agreement


This Agreement has been signed between the following parties under the terms set out below.

“PERSON VISITING THE SITE”; (hereinafter referred to as “VISITOR” in the contract)


‘SERVICE SERVER’ ; (hereinafter referred to as “COMPANY”)
TITLE: Selma Dijital Medya Yapim ve Yayincilik A.Ş.
Company Registration Number: 475693
Telephone: 0 850 242 1781
WhatsApp: 0 555 498 1781
ADDRESS : Fidanlik Mah. Mithatpasa Cad. No.: 39/14 Çankaya / ANKARA

This contract is deemed accepted when the VISITOR visits the page that is the subject of the contract.

    In the application and interpretation of this contract, the following conditions express the written statements against it.

Mini Film: Films from 1 to 10 minutes,
Short film: films of 10 – 20 minutes,
Midi Film: films of 20-70 minutes,
Maxi Film : refers to films of 70 minutes or more,

COMPANY: A company which, in the course of its trade or profession, offers goods to the consumer or acts on behalf of or on behalf of the supplier,

VISITOR: A natural or legal person who acquires, uses or benefits from a good or service for commercial or non-commercial purposes,

LAW: Law No. 5846 on Intellectual and Artistic Works (FSEK),

CONTENT: Refers to intangibles such as animated or still video, audio files, written films or photographs and/or software, themes, interfaces, databases and similar intangibles that have been prepared for display in an electronic environment.

SERVICE: Free “Digital Cinema” promotion for the VISITOR via the CINEMIDI.COM domain name and subdomains,

VISION: film screening,

ADVERTISING: A product, service, thing performed by making it in any possible means such as text, image, film, etc. with words, writing and similar means and using it for that purpose to advertise and it to put up with a great crowd and thus ensure that this thing is searched for, bought and sold more. efforts to show and encourage

ADVERTISER: All persons and institutions who benefit from the services of the company subject to this contract through ADVERTISING to announce and promote their own products, services and purposes by using the “Site” and the “Content” by paying the fee pay,

SITE: The COMPANY’s website through the domain name and subdomains,


AGREEMENT: This contract made between the COMPANY and the VISITOR,


This Agreement governs the terms of the VISITOR’s visit to the COMPANY’s website (www.), as well as the rights and obligations of the parties. The COMPANY reserves the right to change or update these Terms as necessary without prior notice.


Title: Selma Digital Media Production and Publishing Inc.
Address : Fidanlık Mah. Mithatpasa Cad. No.: 39/14 Çankaya / ANKARA
Telephone: 0 850 242 1781
WhatsApp: 0 555 498 1781


E-mail (username


6-1.) This website you are visiting (www.) is the video slide that appears as “” in the “Digital Cinema” address bar. In the context of general good manners, original film works in the lengths mini: (1 – 10 min.), short: (10 – 20 min.), midi: (20 – 70 min.), maxi: (70 – 140 Min.) Played via a media player in the internet archive process. publishes works created as in-house productions or third-party productions using the virtual cinema system, the copyrights of which have been acquired directly and/or from other persons, under a temporary or permanent work production and publication cooperation agreement under a specific contract, with the logic the vision (show) . Everyone who visits the “Digital Cinema” website is deemed to have read and accepted the “WARNINGS and RULES” set out on this website.

6-2.) Broadcasting principles: Digital Cinema rejects any content that violates the laws of the Republic of Turkey.

a.) Digital Cinema is committed to complying with the “Press Release Principles”.

b.) Films that attack, insult, accuse or suspect the rights and freedoms of people will not be broadcast.

c.) We are not responsible for the links on our site. The links are the responsibility of the sites to which they belong.

d.) Inaccuracies relating to links provided on the Website will be corrected when reported.

e.) (www.) “Digital Cinema” films produced by Selma Digital Media Production and Publishing A.Ş. It is published by obtaining copyrights from agencies, production companies and individuals who are directly produced by the company. Selma Digital Media Production and Publishing Inc. is the direct owner of all published content. It may not be copied, reproduced or displayed in any way. All of these materials are protected by applicable laws.
Therefore, all or part of these materials may be obtained elsewhere.
It is a crime to use and distribute it in any way.

F. ) (www.) Any software code, database content and visuals accompanying the Digital Cinema website may not be copied, reproduced, republished or uploaded to any other computer.

6-3.) All kinds of responsibilities arising from the content elements (news, comments, posters, research, advertising, etc. all information, written and pictorial materials) whose source is directly indicated lie with the authors or with the people, agencies, Institutions, legal persons and institutions etc. are given as the source. heard.

6-4.) Movies, news, comments, texts, photos, posters, etc. uploaded to the SITE. is considered the direct owner of the copyright in the content. (www.) “Digital Cinema” website Copyright of all published content.

6-5.) The COMPANY publishes advertisements at the beginning, within and at the end of the CONTENT published on the WEBSITE using visual, written, audio and/or product placement method. The content of these advertisements, the information, products or services they contain, in no way create the obligation of the COMPANY. The responsibility for the ADVERTISEMENTS lies entirely with the ADVERTISER. CONCLUSIONS and litigation that may arise in connection with all risks and actions that may result from the ADVERTISING. Content, material and moral damage that may result from this is not binding on the COMPANY and no responsibility is accepted in these matters. All the risks that may arise are borne by the private or legal VISITORS of the website and the ADVERTISER, the owner of the service or product. In any case, in whatever form and under what name, any natural or legal person may suffer, directly or indirectly, material or moral grievances; Regardless of the name or form, the COMPANY will not be held responsible for any damage it may suffer. This written article announces in advance that no natural or legal person has the right to claim material or moral claims in any form or under any name.
6-6.) ADVERTISEMENTS to be placed on the WEBSITE must be in the form and scope in accordance with the relevant laws.

6-7.) The acceptance of any type of ADVERTISEMENTS to be published on the Website is carried out with the consent of the persons authorized in this regard by the management of the COMPANY. If officials deem it necessary, product, sample and/or service descriptions, information, documents, etc. may be requested. ADVERTISER accepts in advance that they are obliged to comply with these requirements.

6-8.) The COMPANY reserves the right to remove advertisements without reason if it deems it necessary. This situation will be reported to the ADVERTISER immediately. The ADVERTISER’s remaining rights will be calculated and payment to a bank account number processed on behalf of the ADVERTISER will be refunded within 3 business days of the brokerage house’s statutory deadline.


7-1.) The main film sources of our site are direct internal productions. Apart from that, it can be foreign production films by hiring contract producers, individuals and institutions. The copyrights of the films made and/or created by individuals or institutions can be obtained. If the COMPANY deems it necessary, it can select and deliver films coming from producers and institutions accepted by society and producing in important centers of our country and the world, with a fixed-term or permanent contract.

7-2.) The selection, release or sudden re-release of the Films for any reason is entirely at COMPANY’s discretion and COMPANY reserves such rights.

7-3.) The selection of posters and trailers worthy of publication is made by the COMPANY’s editorial team.

Outside the movie;
7-4.) All kinds of articles, photographs, cartoons and graphics, advertisements, etc. published on the website. All materials are published after editorial review and correction where necessary, provided that the responsibility lies with the source.

7-5.) Articles, photos, etc. that are deemed worthy of publication. The materials are selected by the COMPANY editorial team.

7-6.) There is no obligation to publish any material.

7-7.) publishes the articles stating the source received. The use, unaltered or modified, of the news published on brings users under legal responsibility for the rights relating to the source.

7-8.) publishes the oral, visual and written information it makes available, compiling it from personal private efforts, reliable sources and persons, in good faith and for informational purposes only, without warranties or guarantees. Therefore, the editorial staff of the COMPANY may modify or remove the content in question at any time, in any form and by any means, without prior notice or warning.

7-8.) Submitted articles, photos, cartoons, graphics and advertisements, whether published or not, will not be returned under any circumstances.

7-9.) reserves the right to take any type of legal action, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the LAW, against those who violate the prohibitions clearly highlighted above, in relation to any copyright it has created or obtained as , not complying with the result of contracts of 2nd – 3rd parties and institutions.

    The special logo has been registered and approved and guaranteed by law.

8-1.) In the case of links to on other websites, the rules for external links from are considered accepted.

8-2.) Websites other than use only the logos approved by and prepared for use in the links they give to

8-3.) People who link to our site with these logos. The logo may only be used on websites. These logos may not be used on printed backgrounds or materials. In addition, the connection must be functional while using this logo on websites. The necessary HTML code for the link to work properly is included in each logo.

8-4.) The use of the logo anywhere does not imply endorsement or endorsement of that website by in any way.

8-5.) The logo may not be displayed in any way as part of any other text, image or software code material. The logo must appear alone and at a minimum distance from other material on your website and in no case may it be adjacent to other material on your website.

8-6.) The original sizes and colors of the logos cannot be changed. The logo may not be placed in another image.

8-7.) reserves the right to assert its legal rights against the use of its logo that violates its intellectual or other rights, or contrary to other applicable laws.

8-8.) also broadcasts movies by using the link address of a movie genre that can be directly accessed-published-watched on any internet infrastructure. This is a selection of scans (External Link) for the convenience of moviegoers. cannot be held responsible for the content of these films or any information and work that can be accessed through the advertisement and link address, and the rights of the works.

    9-1.) The message and comment fields in are controlled by the team. However, disclaims any liability for the messages and comments of these visitors. Since all types of content in the forum section are created by visitors, cannot be held responsible for such content.

9-2.) Visitors to are deemed to have accepted the warnings described in the general rules when using the forum or the comments section.

9-3.) All kinds of statements that will constitute a crime in comments, which will require legal follow-up, and which will constitute a crime according to national or international laws, are prohibited.

9-4.) Posting or transmitting commercial or advertising information, software or material in the comments is prohibited.

9-5.) Those who violate these principles will have their access to comments and forum areas revoked.

9-6.) Visiting the forum and comment section; Anyone who creates a new topic or leaves a message is deemed to have read and accepted these rules.

CONCLUSION; The relevant provisions of the Turkish Commercial and Consumer Protection Laws are used in matters that are not included in the content of this contract. ANKARA COURTS are authorized in all kinds of conflict situations.